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If you are French,  it is likely that you took classes in foreign languages at school, but nowadays, you aren’t able to communicate in them. That is not your fault! Are you dissatisfied with the way you were taught languages in the past? Were you made to believe the myth that French people are bad at languages, or that foreign languages are just too difficult?  We are here to show you that that isn’t true, and that you too, can master any language, improve and build from the skills you already have, and become fluent in the language of your choice.

In our modern world, not knowing English in particular, but also other languages, can be extremely limiting. Why not take the plunge and open the door to larger horizons?  New language skills will give you a wider perspective and more opportunities.

Whether you wish to learn a language for your own pleasure and education, are in need of language skills in order to expand your scope at work or get working opportunities abroad, or wish to connect with foreigners but don’t have time to learn other languages, we are ready to assist you.

Practical things we can do for you

  • Assistance before traveling abroad: translation, interpretation and written assistance in foreign languages, travelling and relocation
  • Assistance with booking hotels, renting cars, finding apartments to rent, finding a language school, getting a visa, etc.
  • Translation of documents, letters, e-mails or any other written or oral  support you may need
  • Copywriting
  • Help with turning your business into a multilingual enterprise (website, brochures, communication, etc.)
  • Language consulting: we help you decide on what you REALLY need to have translated, instead of overpaying to translate entire documents
  • Proof-reading services (style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, eliminating redundancies, etc.)

Classes we can offer you

  • Group and individual language classes, tailored to your skill level.
  • Courses designed for what you need the most.  Learn how to communicate in everyday situations that suit YOUR particular needs.
  • Snowball approach: learn all the skills necessary (listening, comprehension, writing and speaking) progressively, in a natural and dynamic way
  • Language tutoring, helping you find the learning method that is best suited to YOU.
  • Courses for all ages. Your children can learn, and adults are never too old to learn too!
  • Specific classes on how to communicate in writing (emails, documents, formal letters, and anything else you might need).
  • On-line or on-site classes, intensive or at your own comfortable pace
  • Preparing the necessary steps before the move
  • Special training in pronunciation and phonetics, to help you understand and be better understood by foreigners

How it works

We offer consultation via Skype, email and phone.

If you need us to accompany or represent you in person, we cover mainly (but not exclusively) the following departments:

82 (Tarn-et-Garonne), 31 (Haute Garonne), 32 (Gers), 46 (Lot), 81 (Tarn), 33 (Gironde), 40 (Landes), 64 (Pyrenées Atlantiques), 65 (Hautes Pyrenées), 09 (Ariège), 12 (Aveyron), 15 (Cantal), 19 (Corrèze), 24 (Dordogne)

For services outside these Departments, we may still be able to assist you by telephone or internet.

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Phone: (+33) (0)5 63 04 54 30

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

What people say about us

“I am a Canadian citizen living in France since 2013. After going through the lengthy and complicated process of buying a house, my wife and I soon realized how much hassle and ongoing paperwork was required in order to successfully navigate the intricacies of the French bureaucratic system.

We found the Lingmost team through their website and since then they have been invaluable is helping us through the often complex and difficult requirements of securing our residency permits by showing us how to fill out all the proper forms necessary for our Carte des Sejours . Their individual and group expertise made the process of making online appointments and preparing the required documents easy, the icing on the cake was when Juliana accompanied us to the local Prefecture for our first appointment. And that was just the beginning!

The creative and hard-working team at LingMost not only helped us find a Notary to facilitate the purchase of our house, they also put us in touch with an accountant to correctly file our yearly taxes. The Lingmost team was there whenever we needed some documents translated or had questions about an official letter that arrived in our mailbox from the government.

Through Lingmost, we were put in touch with an insurance agent, advised on how to open a French bank account and given help with getting our French driving licenses. They even found us a family doctor and dentist in a nearby town. On top of all this, my wife and I have been taking weekly French Language lessons with a certified LingMost instructor to help us improve our listening, comprehension and communication skills.

The friendly and helpful staff at LingMost can solve pretty much any problem a foreigner might experience while living in France. And the best part is that their prices are very reasonable, considering all the valuable services they provide. Whether I need some quick advice over the phone, a simple in-person consultation, or a real-time French-speaking representative to accompany me to an important appointment, Juliana and Lingmost have been with us every step of the way.

Thank you LingMost, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Timothy Trepanier, entrepreneur

“It is a pleasure to write a review for LingMost, and I cannot say enough good things. I am a psychologist of many years and an author, and Juliana translated my book (which I wrote in English) for me. Because I am fluent in Spanish, I was able to read the translation, check for meaning, etc. Not only is the Spanish translation of my book outstanding, I could see the attention to subtleties of meaning that this professional gives. Not only does she know a lot of languages, but she has a kind of gift with them, understanding the technical and “heart” aspect of translation. Her style and writing are also outstanding. Juliana is an extremely well read person, and knows a great deal about almost any topic. This wealth of information she brings with her as she translates or interprets, and I believe this contributes to her depth of understanding and ability. If you need a translator or interpreter, with Juliana it will be done right, and you will know that what you really meant is being conveyed. This is not the case with everyone. Although Juliana had no obligation to teach me anything, I learned so very much from her during the translation. I am quite fluent in Spanish as a second language, and she was always happy to answer questions and help me to learn more to gain a greater level of correctness and subtlety.

While Juliana’s shining abilities are obvious once you begin to work with her, this is only the beginning with her. She has an extremely high level of integrity, and is a kind, compassionate person who understands and respects. To learn a language with a person this knowledgeable and this pleasant to spend time with is an amazing opportunity. One would be most fortunate to learn a language with Juliana. She knows the difficulties people have and why, and has infinite patience. If you need an interpreter, she will understand clearly what you need her to about the situation. If you need services of translation, interpretation, or language learning, in addition to getting the very best, you will enjoy the interaction with this very talented and lovely person. One of her greatest pleasures is helping people.

I recommend LingMost so very highly. There is none better. Thanks Juliana and all the team at Lingmost!!”

Aleta Edwards | Psychologist and author

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